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Printronix PrintNet Enterprise remote printer management software suite helps you organize and manage your fleet of Printronix and Tally Genicom line matrix printers in a single dashboard remotely from any networked PC. The end results are higher efficiency, better productivity and improved reliability.


Remote Presence = Save Time and Costs

  • Manage, configure and monitor any or all installed printers from any desktop computer and any location in the world, thereby ensuring commonality while greatly reducing expense and potential errors
  • Maximize uptime with instant response to printer issues from email or cell phone alerts

Total Control = Lower Costs and Boost Productivity

  • Easy file management for quick downloads and uploads of forms, fonts, and logos
  • Printer status monitoring for usage and maintenance statistics
  • Remote diagnostics capabilities including job capture, thereby reducing the time to troubleshoot issues

Security = Peace of Mind

  • Prevent unauthorized users from making unwanted printer configuration changes via remote lockout


Printronix PrintNet Enterprise remote printer management utility provides superior control over networked printers by excelling where most other utilities fall short. Achieve higher efficiency and boost productivity by taking control of you line matrix printers.

Dashboard Viewer-
Real-time dashboard visibility to printer and ribbon status for all networked printers.
Virtual Operations Panel- Allows for full remote control of a networked printer via the use of a virtual operations panel that is identical in function/appearance to the panel at the printer.
Proactive Alert Notification- Email and/or SMS alerts are immediately sent to the appropriate individual (based on alert class) when a printer is down. Alerts are even sent if a printer is mistakenly unplugged or disconnected from the network.
Configuration Editor- Ability to quickly & easily configure up to all 8 custom configurations using a simple on-screen graphical user interface (GUI).
File Download- Ability to download configuration files, firmware updates and printer resources to multiple printers simultaneously, grouped by location or function, thereby ensuring commonality while greatly reducing expense and potential errors.
Job Capture- The ability to remotely capture data being sent to the printer, and view it in a hex editor. This function can greatly reduce the time to troubleshoot issues resulting from improperly formatted data, etc.


  • Printronix P8000, P7000 and P5000 series equipped with PrintNet 10/100 Base T Ethernet connection
  • TallyGenicom 6800 and 6600 series equipped with PrintNet 10/100 Base T Ethernet connection


PrintNet Enterprise is now available in Simplified Chinese version. The installation program will automatically install the Simplified Chinese version if the Windows® language settings of the host PC is Simplified Chinese. Otherwise it will default to the English version of PrintNet Enterprise.

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